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I am an illustrator, tattooist, and graphic designer who specializes in drawing anthropomorphic objects, all things food-related, and anything with a sense of humor.  

I have been published in magazines like Bon Appétit, Atlanta Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, NY Magazine, LA Magazine, and Marie Claire, among many others. I have also illustrated books including The Book of Building Fires for Chronicle Books, 150 Food Science Questions Answered, and Lunch Plans for Weight Watchers. I recently designed assets for NY Health (as part of their public health information push about COVID-19) that were made into posters for the NYC subway, ads in newspapers and banners for various websites and social media channels.

I co-founded a company named Art Mafia, a boutique design firm that specializes in visual art, immersive spaces, multi-dimensional exhibits and promoting up-and-coming artists.

Art Mafia |

Tattoo |

illustrator claire mccracken

photo by Sunshine Acid

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