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I am an illustrator, tattooist, and graphic designer who specializes in drawing anthropomorphic objects, all things food-related, vaguely esoteric objects, and anything with a sense of humor.  

I have been published in magazines like Bon Appétit, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, NY Magazine, and National Geographic, among many others. I have also illustrated books including The Book of Building Fires, 150 Food Science Questions Answered, and Cook it Wild. I've done work with Buzzfeed News, Thrillist, Epicurious and other online publications as well. I've also designed public health posters for the NYC subway, branded sponsor posters, patterns for wallpapers/vinyl wraps for immersive experiences, and many an email header.

I co-founded a company named Art Mafia, a boutique design firm that specialized in visual art, immersive spaces, multi-dimensional exhibits and promoting up-and-coming artists.

Art Mafia |

Tattoo | see availability here


photo by Tom's One Hour Photo

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